Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Favorite Salad Dressing!!

I don't know the name of this dressing.  I got it from my sister.  I am putting it on the blog because I am so afraid of misplacing the paper.

I did decrease the amount of salt in the original recipe

2 Cloves of Garlic, although I use 3 or 4
1/4 tsp of salt
1/2 tsp dry mustard
fresh ground pepper
2 T wine vinegar
1/2 C of salad oil

Monday, March 12, 2012

Friday, March 2, 2012

Classical Conversations Week 20 Supplements

Brown V. Board: Timeline of School Integration
Brown VS Board of Education Documentary youtube video about 5 minutes
Martin Luther King Jr. Biography- 5 minute video
Three-Ring Government- Basic Government- Schoolhouse rocks
I'm Just a Bill - School house rocks
The Wright Brothers animation

Erie Canal- Cptn. Chris Fritton navigates Lockview V on the Erie Canal and through Locks 34 and 35 and many lift bridges in Lockport, NY.
How Canals Work - 1 minute
The Canal Diggers- slide show of the men who dug the canals...minutes

String Instruments of the Orchestra
Woodwind Instruments 
Brass Instruments 
Percussion Instruments

Reading Supplements
White Water by Bandy, Michael K- Gr 3
Ruth and the Green Book by Ramsy, Calvin Gr 1-4
Rosa's Bus by Kittinger, Jo S. Gr 1-4
Ron's Big Mission Blue, Rose Gr 1-4
Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott by Miller, Connie Colwell
Dear Mr. Rosenwald by Weatherford, Carole Boston Gr 1-4
The Civil Rights Movement for Kids, Turck. Gr.4-9 
When Will I Get In?: Segregation & Cvl 
Rights. Rosa Parks: Civil Rights Pioneer, (Time Bio. Kids). Gr. 2-4 
 Civil Rights Movement 1954-1968, Yamasaki .Gr.5 & up

Joshua the Giant frog by Thomas, Peggy -K-Grade 5- Erie canal story
The Erie Canal Pirates Gr 1-4
The amazing impossible Erie Canal  Harness, Cheryl.   Gr 2-6

For more ideas go to http://halfahundredacrewood.blogspot.com/p/classical-conversations-resource-link.html

Museum Of Discovery and Science Ft. Lauderdale

We went to the museum last Friday, they just remodeled and added some new stuff. 

Ethan and Evan playing with Knex

You can build some amazing stuff, I think we'll try this when we get home :)

Sea otter, oh, my!!

Hannah always sees kid playing with these bubbles on PBS, it's finally her turn!!

Noah say turtle!!

Of course, Ethan is exploring the digestive system!

I wish we had one of these at home!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

  I got this idea from my sister and have started integrating it into our book reading.  It makes the books a little more meaningful and I think it will help when my kids start writing a little more.

What is the title of the story?

Who is the author?

Who is the illustrator?

Name  the characters in this book?


What is the setting?


When did it take place?


What was the problem?


How was the problem resolved?


What was your favorite part?

If you could change one part of the story, which part would you change?