Friday, March 2, 2012

Classical Conversations Week 20 Supplements

Brown V. Board: Timeline of School Integration
Brown VS Board of Education Documentary youtube video about 5 minutes
Martin Luther King Jr. Biography- 5 minute video
Three-Ring Government- Basic Government- Schoolhouse rocks
I'm Just a Bill - School house rocks
The Wright Brothers animation

Erie Canal- Cptn. Chris Fritton navigates Lockview V on the Erie Canal and through Locks 34 and 35 and many lift bridges in Lockport, NY.
How Canals Work - 1 minute
The Canal Diggers- slide show of the men who dug the canals...minutes

String Instruments of the Orchestra
Woodwind Instruments 
Brass Instruments 
Percussion Instruments

Reading Supplements
White Water by Bandy, Michael K- Gr 3
Ruth and the Green Book by Ramsy, Calvin Gr 1-4
Rosa's Bus by Kittinger, Jo S. Gr 1-4
Ron's Big Mission Blue, Rose Gr 1-4
Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott by Miller, Connie Colwell
Dear Mr. Rosenwald by Weatherford, Carole Boston Gr 1-4
The Civil Rights Movement for Kids, Turck. Gr.4-9 
When Will I Get In?: Segregation & Cvl 
Rights. Rosa Parks: Civil Rights Pioneer, (Time Bio. Kids). Gr. 2-4 
 Civil Rights Movement 1954-1968, Yamasaki .Gr.5 & up

Joshua the Giant frog by Thomas, Peggy -K-Grade 5- Erie canal story
The Erie Canal Pirates Gr 1-4
The amazing impossible Erie Canal  Harness, Cheryl.   Gr 2-6

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