Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Notebook...not the movie or the book

Jeanne came up with this idea and I love it!
Step a notebook or find one that you already have that still has some blank pages.

Step two...on the inside of the front cover, write down phone numbers of anyone whose number you need to know frequently but haven't, school, pediatrician, get the point.

Step three...on the first blank page divide the page into four segments...upper right things I need to buy, upper left...things I need to do....

If someone recommends a book, gives you directions, a confirmation number, a website, any information you may need at a later date,  write it in this notebook.  

Instead of having little pieces of paper lying all around the house keep your notebook on the counter or by the phone....

You can use a page a day or a week

I am finding that I get a lot more done with this method, it's easy, cheap and efficient.  

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