Thursday, September 2, 2010

Youtube for teaching your kids

First let me start with a youtube all of the video before you show them to your kids.  There are people out there who are putting inappropriate material in the middle of the videos.

But let's not throw out the baby with the can be a great teaching tool, you just need to do some prescreening first.

We started reading little biographies that we found in the library.  My oldest child is 5 so they aren't large books only about 20 sentences long.  

After reading these books we would sit down and watch a short video on the historical figure and we'd find these videos on youtube.

For example, we studied about Benjamin Franklin, then went to youtube and found some cartoon clips from liberty kids.  
It made his life come alive for my kids.

When teaching math I have found some skip counting songs they really help teach multiplication.  
Here is a link to skip counting by 4's
4  8  12  16  20  24  28  32

There are many ways to make learning more interesting, this is just one we like.

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