Friday, March 25, 2011

I Am Loved--Guest Post

My name is Janet, I live in NY, USA. I am a wife & mother to 3 children (2 adult age & 1 Teen) I am also involved in ministry to hurt women recovering from addiction. I would consider myself to have been a woman of strong christian faith and I identify myself as being loved by God. Some months back I received one of the most disappointing news: Cancer. This was not the answer I expected after my prayers. Immediately my identity was attacked which could also effect my purpose. What happened, why didn't God give me what I asked for, does God really love me and how could I help women when I was now facing what seemed like defeat.

My oldest son Ricky felt compelled to stay home from work for no reason and was there when I received the bad news, he prayed for me, pointing me to Christ. The Dr.she said to me "I have to tell you something, God has his angels surrounding you". She didn't know that days before, when my husband Rich and the Church leaders prayed for me I felt a Godly presence surround me and cover me with peace. Tina, one of our first graduates from the Hannah House called me out of the blue to say "God has put you on my heart and I've been praying for you, is everything alright?" Ryan my daughters boyfriend came with a gift, a Teddy Bear with the words written on it "I Am Loved" and holding a bag of pins with the words written on them "I Am Loved". This spoke to me as God saying to me: I Love You, and not just one, but a bag full! I Love You, I Love You, I Love You! I've said all the above to say, we must keep watching and praying to hear and recognize God's voice to us. Grab onto every and any way God shows he's with you.

My Dr. repeatedly said to me, "Thank God, Thank God, Thank God". Sorry to say I was not thankful at that moment, because we were setting up surgery to remove my whole breast. God got my attention when I was reading Job's reaction to losing his kids & his wealth, Job said he would continue to bless God and would not judge God. His attitude was so reverent to God.. Disappointment should not cancel a whole history of knowing God's majesty and His Love for me and all the great and many answers to prayer. I would not try to explain what I don't understand, God's thoughts are higher than our thoughts and His ways are higher than our ways. Phillipians tells us: "In ALL things to give thanks". When I read that, my Dr's sweet face and words came back to me "Thank God". What I am thankful for is that as soon as the enemy cancer tried to enter my body, it was caught and since it was early and contained, I would only need surgery to remove it, no chemo and no radiation, Thank God!  God said no weapon formed against us would prosper. God said he would deliver us from every affliction. He said in this world you will have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcomed the world. He said he would never leave us or forsake us. He said I am with you always. He said all that call upon him will be saved. He works all things for good.

God's word says "As a man (mankind) thinks so is he". I choose to think on what is good, true and lovely, I Am Loved! Faith we must fight for, Grace is a gift freely given from God. Faith comes by hearing the word of God. So pay attention to his voice keep your mind on the word of truth, illminate the doubt & unbelief. Grace enables us to overcome. Having my thoughts right, directs my heart and life right and keeps me strong. I almost feel funny to say this, but I feel as though I just glided smoothly through this sickness, knowing and identifying with the fact God Loves me.


  1. Janet, I love your story. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is quoted in this letter, "He who calls on the name of the Lord WILL be saved". I know from my experience, it is when life is really hard that I see God the clearest. Thank you for contributing to our blog, I know it will bless many people!

  2. Wow!! Thank you so much for this post. I am amazed at how the fact that God loves me brightens my heart and brings me so much joy when I take the time to think about it.