Friday, April 29, 2011

My Goals for this Summer

I think if I have my goals written down there is a better chance that I will reach them.
Here goes
1.  Finish Funnix reading program with Hannah
2.  Teach my kids 3 root word a week from English from the Roots up.
3.  Read to my kids at least 1/2 hour of books M-F.  I am going to use the books from the Sonlight and My Father's World book lists. (I'm hoping to read longer than 1/2 hour, but I'm setting my goal at the minimum)
4.  Prepare for tutoring next year at Classical Conversations
5.  Math flashcards with Ethan, I want him to be able to memorize addition and subtraction facts.  After he is quick, we will start 2nd grade math.
6.  Make more time for myself, I think after looking back on my first year of homeschooling, my greatest weakness is overlooking exercise and spending time reading God's word.
7.  Continue "Teach your baby to read" with Noah, read a book to him each day
8.  Go through the book, "What every first grader needs to know", to make sure I didn't miss anything before moving onto 2nd grade.

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