Friday, April 1, 2011

A series of reminders in raising well balanced kids Part 1

Note to Self - Made in His image
Written by Vicki Hoodikoff
My first note to self early on in motherhood was a vital one.   One that I still, from time to time, have to keep in mind.  Note to self: “This child is made in God’s image.”  A small but profound detail to remember in the midst of any argument, chaotic day, or when your child tells what seems like an endless story.   Amazingly, my children, your children, each wear the  thumbprint of God.  The same God who created the myriad of stars has placed his “John Hancock” on our children.  He has uniquely fashioned each one with a mind that creates, thinks, reasons and questions.  And some days, oh, the questions! 
How we view our children really is foundational for not only their well-being, but for how they will view others.  If we see them as made in the image of God then we will be more likely to treat them with respect, speak with them in a controlled tone, and listen more attentively.  We can befriend them as their parent who recognizes that they have an inherent value.  I am not suggesting that we become “buddies”.  They have friends for that role.  Yet as parents, we can develop a parental friendship that allows them to feel secure in who they are as individuals, knit together by God himself.  
God has a plan for our children’s lives.  As parents it is our responsibility to partner with Him in helping our children discover and accomplish those plans.  We begin with the simple task of seeing them as His works of art and treating them as such.  If you knew you had a rare Picasso in your midst, how would you handle it?  Our children are far more priceless than any Rembrandt or Picasso. The “trick” is to train our minds to recall their value and then to align our words and actions according to that fact.  Hence, the need for note to self.  Jesus said,” As a man thinks, so he is.”  I say, “As a parent thinks about their child, so they interact with their child.”  


  1. Vicki, I love this reminder! I have been praying that God would help me speak to my children and my words would be "Laced with Love". I think my tone is often to harsh and that the same message can be given in a more gentle and loving tone.

  2. Thanks Vicki for this reminder! So very true -- our thoughts affect our actions -- in every aspect of our lives...parenting being one of them! Okay, I gotta get back to my "treasures"...break is over...onto world geography.