Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Praying for my Children

   One morning I was at a friend's house while she was getting her children ready for school.  As she said goodbye to one of her children, she prayed for him. 

   I have never been good or consistent about praying with or for my boys, although I really believe in the power of prayer.  Something clicked when I observed my friend.

   Since that time last Fall, I found a good time for me to pray for my boys.  I drive them each morning to the bus stop.  Once the 4 of us are buckled in, I take the first few minutes of our 1.5 mile trip to pray for their day.  Some days it is shorter than others.  Often it repeats the same requests I make for them everyday- that they would have eternal life (knowing God and the One He sent), they would learn what they need to for their future, that they would be safe on the bus and at school, that they would be kind and helpful to those around them.  If something special is happening that day, like a test, I pray about it.  I also pray for my husband. 

   It isn't much- 3 minutes at most- but it has become a habit (finally! one GOOD habit!). 


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