Sunday, September 18, 2011

Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Week 5 Supplements

Cycle 3 Week 5 Supplements

Liberty`s Kids: #11 "Washington Takes Command" (1/2)

9's Times Tables using your hand

George Washington- Online Puzzle

Once upon a time... Life - The skin (1 of 3)
Additional Perspective Drawing activity

Additional Reading Resources
George Washington Wasn't always old  Gr. 3-6.
George Washington’s World. 
The Life of Washington. 
Guns for General Washington, Reit. 
Duel in the Wilderness, Farley. 
Winter at Valley Forge, Knight. RA: K-6; R: 3-6 
Meet George Washington, Heilbroner. RA:1-6; R:3-6 
George Washington & the General’s Dog, Murphy. 
Phoebe the Spy, Griffin. RA: K-A; R:3-6 

George vs. George : the American Revolution as seen from both sides
    Schanzer, Rosalyn.

George Washington : farmer, soldier, president
    Nettleton, Pamela Hill.

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