Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Homeschooling Choices so far this year.

Ethan is my seven year old, here is what I am teaching him.
Math- We are using Horizon's Math 2nd grade.  We should finish this up around Christmas and then we will try switching to Teaching Text Books
Spelling- I am using Spelling Power for our spelling curriculum- along with spelling  
Writing With Ease-Level 1- We will be finishing this book in the next month or so and will get the next book.
Headsprout Reading Comprehension Program- I like this program because it something Ethan can do independently.
Classical Conversations for all the rest.  We read supplemental books on History and Science.

Hannah will be turning 5 in October.
Math- We are using Horizon's Kindergarten and connect the dots to teach number order.
Spelling-  Explode the code book 2 
Phonics-Headsprout Reading program
Classical Conversations for all the rest.  

We aim to read to Ethan and Hannah an hour every evening, it usually ends up being about half an hour.

Noah my 1 and 1/2 year old, I am trying out Teach your Baby to Read...I'll let you know when he starts talking if it works :)

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