Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Headsprout Early Reading Program Review

I LOVE Headsprout Early Reading Program.  I have tried almost everything to teach my daughter Hannah to read.  We tried Funnix, which started off great, however, the parent needs to sit with the child the entire time, I got frustrated, Hannah got frustrated.  It was pretty ugly by lesson 30, so we stopped.

I tried different books, nothing seemed to click.  I thought maybe she is just too young, ( She'll be 5 in two weeks.)  Then I found Headsprout, (Praise the LORD), she sits down and does it independently everyday. Her reading skill in the last 3 weeks have exploded!  She grabs Bob books off the bookshelf and buzzes right through them!  She tries to read everything in sight, maps, cereal boxes, even the Bible.

After the first few lessons, we did struggle with some attitude.  But I gave her a choice either we get out the other reading books or you can sit down and do Headsprout.  She always chooses Headsprout.

If you are getting frustrated teaching your child to read, I highly recommend Headsprout.  They also have a 30 day money back policy, so what do you have to lose :)

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