Monday, October 18, 2010

Everything is Negotiable ....well almost everything.

I remember the trill the first time I ever negotiated a price at a garage sale.  It was a cute pair of pajamas, but they were missing a button.  So I asked the woman who was selling them if she would knock off 25 cents for the missing button, so instead of paying 75 cents I paid 50....
(I remember my sister Jeanne was with me, I think her face turn bright red....LOL)
Since then I have found that almost everything is negotiable.

After mowing our lawn for the first few years we lived in Florida, we finally broke down and hired a lawn service.  We decided only to hire them for the summer rainy season because the lawn needed to be mowed every week.  So after the first summer, I called the company we had hired and told them we no longer needed their services until the next summer unless they would lower their prices, then we would keep them all year round.  The owner of the company cut our bill 50% even in the summer.

Another example was at the Home Goods store, I saw a table that was perfect for our home.  It had a few scratches little scratches on the surface.  I asked to speak with the manager and he knocked $25 off the price.

Whenever hiring anyone to do work for you...ALWAYS get three estimates!  If you prefer one company or person over another ask them if they will do the work for the same price as the lowest estimate.

My favorite largest negotiation was when we bought our Honda Pilot.  It was in August, when the dealerships are trying to get ride of all their stock.  I got a list of all the dealerships here in south Florida.  I called each one.  One by one, they knocked off $500 every phone call I made.  Until finally, I knew I had the rock bottom price.  I think we saved about $8000 all together.

I know it's a little embarrassing to haggle with other people.  But come on don't you work hard to earn your money?


  1. We,ve been approved for a loan for $20,000 but do want to keep loan less than $10,000. I went to a dealership and saw a car i liked that was a program car with 42000 miles. the ticket price was $11998, they said if i come back by 8 that night they would knock off a $1000. I looked on internet when i got home and price on vehicle was $9999. should i have them compete with other dealers inthis case to get my very best deal? there are many hyundia's out there that are program cars( formally leased vehicles)

  2. I would call another dealer and see if they can beat the won't know until you ask. I bought a brand new vehicle so it was easier to compare apples to apples.

  3. One thing about bargain shopping is to not be in a hurry, don't rush into anything. Shop around, look at all your options!