Sunday, October 3, 2010

Simple ways to save on groceries.

First of all saving money on anything requires a certain amount of humility.   Repeat after me, "A penny saved is a penny earned" if Benjamin Franklin was willing to pinch a penny then so can I.

1. When items that you frequently use are Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) stock up!
I am finding that Walmart isn't really the cheapest place to buy food.  Publix is much less when items are BOGO.  Sure the regular prices at Publix are more expensive than the regular prices at Walmart however, when Publix has BOGO you really save big!  Especially if you have a coupon and they let you use 2 coupons for the BOGO.

2. Know the price for items you buy frequently so when you see a good deal, you know it!
We drink Folgers coffee everyday, usually it's around $10-12 so when I see the sale price at Publix drop down to $7 a can I buy 5 cans, my bill may be temporarily high but in the long run I am saving.

3.  Shop at multiple stores- I have 3 stores I shop at Publix, Super Target and Walmart Grocery store certain items are lower at certain stores.  I am still trying to figure out which items cost less at each store so I am making a list of what cost what where.  

4.  Try not to go out to eat.  I LOVE eating out but, boy, is it expensive!  We try to eat healthy but I do keep some quick not so healthy meals at home to avoid going out to eat.  For example, we have frozen hamburgers in the freezer, going out to eat you pay about $8-10 for one meal.  You can buy a whole package of burgers for the same price and it will probably last you 2 meals.  And if you do go out to eat drink water!  Do you realize that you are paying $2.50 for a soft drink?  You can get (2) 2 liter bottles for that price, suck it up, swallow your pride and order water!  

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Share some of your favorite money saving tips and leave a comment ! :)

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