Sunday, October 24, 2010

What a Mom will Do

Hi Friends,

  I just wanted to share with you what I did this weekend for my kids.  As I was gardening, which I NEVER do, I found a very, very large and very active praying mantis.  Cool Right?  They are great insects.  People love to have them around in their gardens.

  So, as any mother who wants her children to learn would do, I had my HUSBAND catch in on our bug collector.  Then we looked up what to feed it.  It only eats LIVE bugs, ones that are very active. 

  Out to my garden, again.  This time on a live bug chase.  I found a couple of worm like things and dropped them in the cage.  The praying mantis- no- I can't tell you what it did-  very PG-13.  So, so very gross. Then I searched my house- we had to have a few bugs somewhere (found a spider).  They can eat 12 crickets in a day.  I couldn't keep up!

   My husband had to remind me after church today- to change out of my dress before digging in the garden for more bugs.  Where are all the stink bugs now that we could use a couple dozen?  Finally, I broke down and bought some meal worms at the Seven Eleven and almost passed out when I opened the container.  So, so very gross.

  My boys filmed the battle between the praying mantis and the cricket.  The cricket didn't have a chance.
 One of my sons is studying insects at school (which is why we didn't let it go yesterday- he was sure his teacher would like it). His teacher said he could bring it in tomorrow .

We are all looking forward to tomorrow.

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  1. You are grossed out by bugs after how many years of changing poopy diapers????