Monday, October 18, 2010

Sprung a leak

I heard a loud knock at the door, usually this is good sign, it means a package is being delivered.  However, when I answered the door it was not the UPS man but the man from the water company.  He asked if I had any water have a feeling this isn't going to end well.  
After turning  the water off to the house and the sprinkler system, we walked out to check the meter... the spinning triangle isn't good, is it?   So........ somewhere between the house and the meter we have a leak. 

So you may be wondering why I am posting this....

To make a long story shorter...our water bill for this month is rather large.   A broken pipe that you don't know about can cost you a fortune!
If this ever happens to you... here is a little tip

The water company will give you a break on your water bill once every three years if you have a leaking pipe.  They did ask me how long it took us to fix it and had me read the current meter reading to them before giving me the discount.  They subtracted $220 from our bill.  

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