Sunday, November 6, 2011

Classical Conversations Week 11 Supplements.

Abe Lincoln Animation
Abraham Lincoln Reading Comprehension Sheet Q&A
Abraham Lincoln Coloring Page
Mount Rushmore Jigsaw Puzzle
Modern Marvels Mount Rushmore 
Mount Rushmore Coloring Page
Little Log Cabin Craft
Abraham Lincoln Printable Book Time line
Explanation of Succession- Reading

Little Log Cabin Craft
I am all over crafts that don't need a lot of different supplies, so this one was just right.  Sticks, a box and a glue gun.  
Hannah carefully using a glue gun.  

Ethan trimming off the excess.

Ethan's turn with the glue gun.  

Abe Lincoln's Cabin.  I hope his looked better than this but I'm not a very "crafty" mom.  So that's about as good as it gets.
My only recommendation if you try this craft is that you choose a small box.  My kids were over it about 3/4 of the way thru.   

Next week we are going to try the craft A Pioneer Wagon we saw posted on
We have all the supplies for that craft too!  Thanks Brandy!

Once Upon A time...The Hormones-  I haven't watched this yet either, I don't know if it goes into puberty.  
Endocrine System Kids Your Health- I haven't read this so please check it out first, unless your ready to explain puberty.  
In a Beehive Magic Schoolbus-  I'm posting this because we had a presentation on Bees in our class this week.  

Reading Supplements

What Lincoln said -Thomson, Sarah L. -K-3rd grade
Lincoln and his boys -Wells Rosemary ( I think this is the same author as Max and Ruby)
The Gettysburg Address in translation : what it really means -OlsonAges 8 and up
Abe's fish : a boyhood tale of Abraham Lincoln-Bryant- PreS-Grade 3
Honest Abe Lincoln: easy-to-read stories about Abraham Lincoln -Adler Gr 1-3
Abe Lincoln: Log Cabin to Whitehouse, North.
Just a Few Words, Mr. Lincoln, Fritz.
The Yanks are Coming. 

If You Lived ... Civil War, Moore. 
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, Taylor. R:3-6 
Great Civil War Debate (DVD), Marshall. 
 Iron Scouts of the Confederacy, McGiffin. 
The Red Badge of Courage, Crane. R:5-6 
Freedom Train: The Story of Harriet Tubman, Sterling. RA:1-7 

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