Sunday, November 20, 2011

Goals over our 6 week vacation

I am so thankful for a break from CC.  I love it, but we need a little down time to review and recover.

We have a family in our CC group who amaze me with the large volume of poetry they have memorized.   I am inspired to start having my kids memorize poetry.  We actually started about 2 weeks ago and I am really surprised at how quickly my children can memorize poetry.   My first goal for the next 6 weeks is to memorize as much poetry as we can.

My 2nd goal is to review all the CC materials for the last 12 weeks.  My son Ethan really wants to be a memory master this year and I want to help him prepare.

My 3rd goal is to work on Physical Education.  This is an area I feel that I have really dropped the pun intended.  I plan on having my kids do some basketball, soccer and baseball drills to help with coordination.   

Here is a video of How to teach your child to catch with a baseball mitt.    I thought this would be intuitive but after trying to teach Ethan how to catch with a baseball mitt and failing miserable I thought I do some research.

We will be doing some activities on being thankful this week.  And of course some Christmas celebrating!  I haven't picked anything particular out yet, I'm just at the goal setting stage.

What are your goals over the holidays?

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