Sunday, November 13, 2011

Washing Feet

My kids were running around in our yard today barefoot and their feet were filthy.  After I brushed their teeth, I sat each one on the edge of the sink and told them the story of Jesus washing his disciples feet, as I washed their feet.

I told them how the disciples only wore sandals and their feet got really dirty.  I explained how Jesus decided to wash the disciples feet. I explained briefly how that was the worst job, but Jesus wanted to do it for his friends.  
I explained that when Jesus washed the disciples feet it was a symbol of what He can do to our hearts.   I told my children that I could wash their feet but Jesus could do much better he could wash their hearts.  

After washing Ethan and Hannah's cold dirty feet in some water and drying them, their feet were clean and warm.  I was reminded what an gentle loving God we serve. I am so grateful that He sent His Son to wash away my sins away!

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