Monday, November 28, 2011

Life Lessons

We are always teaching our children.  I have been convicted of this lately, that everything I do is a life lesson for my kids.  Sometimes I wish I could turn off the learning mechanism or hit rewind because some of the things my kids are learning from me are negative.

I am sure my kids won't remember all of the things they are learning in our schoolwork.  However, I am also equally sure they won't forget when I teach them poor behavior.  When I throw the tenth pair of shoes that I've picked up toward the shoe mat rather than carry them back into place.   When I am rude to the telemarketer who has woken up the baby from his nap.  When I say something negative about another person and my kids are listening....and learning.

Is this what I want my children to learn, no, no, no...ugh!!

I am praying and begging God to help me "grow up", to put childish ways away.  Please God make me the wife, mother and person you want me to be.

Thankfully, I am getting an opportunity to teach my kids repentance, forgiveness, grace and humility.  I am quick to apologize to my children and tell them when I have handled things poorly.  I ask them what do you think the right thing to do would have been?  Life lessons.....I think these are the ones that will be remembered.

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