Wednesday, November 16, 2011

History Highlights Q&A Week 11

Week 11 History Highlights Q&A pdf 

History Highlights Week 11 Q&A
1.  Did Lincoln side with the seceding states or the Union?_________________

2.  What famous book did Lincoln quote when he received the Republican nomination?_________________

3.  Did Lincoln win the race for the Senate? _____________

4.  True or False____________ Lincoln was our 4th president.  

5.  Which state was first to secede from the Union?______________

6.  What was the name of the Southern nation the seceded states formed?____________

7.  Which state had been undecided about which side to join?_________________

8.  Which city became the capital of the Confederacy?_____________________

9.  This war was mostly called the Civil War can you remember any other names this war was called?_________________________________

10.  True or False. ____________The Civil War claimed more American lives than any other war in the history of the United States.  
11.  What two main issues were resolved after the Civil War? _______________________________________________________________

1.  Abe Lincoln supported the Union.
2.  The Bible was the book Lincoln quoted.  
3.  No, he lost the race for Senate.
4.  False, Lincoln was our 16th president.
5.  South Carolina was the first state to secede.
6.  The Confederate States of America was the name of the nation that left the Union.
7.  Virginina hd been undecided about which side to join.
8.  Richmond, Virginia became the capital of the Confederate States of America.
9.  The Civil war was also known as the War Between the States, the War of Rebellion, the War of the Secession, or the War for Southern Independence; it has even been called the War of Northern Aggression.
10 True, it is widely accepted that the Civil war claimed more lives than any other war.
1.  The main issues that were resolved were the end of slavery and the right of a state to withdraw from the Union.   

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