Sunday, October 30, 2011

Classical Conversation Week 10 Supplements

America The Story of Us: The Alamo- video presented by the History Channel
The Alamo Just for kids-there are a lot of different activities on this website
Davy Crockett Coloring Page
Davy Crockett reading comprehension with questions printable
James K. Polk-C-Span  Download a video

Once Upon a time....Life-Breathing
Hall Of Health Coloring Pages- this is a great pdf. to supplement Science with I'm very excited that I found this one
Label the Respiratory System- this is a large pdf.  Scroll down to pages 14 and 15 to find the worksheet to label.  I will be using these in my class at CC. 

Book match ups
The Mexican-American War- Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta.  (Grade 5-9)
The Mexican War- Nobleman, Marc-Tyler (Grade 4-6)
The Mexican War: How the U.S. gained its western lands-Cantor, Carrie Nichols (Grade 4-6)
The Mexican War: "Mr. Polk's War" -Carey (Grade 6-9)
Hispanic America, Texas and the Mexican War, 1835-1850 (Grade 5 and up)
The Mexican War: manifest destiny- Carter, Alden R. (Grade 4-8)

The Alamo- Frandin, Dennis (Grade 3-6)
The Battle of The Alamo- O'Hern, Kerri (Grade 3-5)
The Battle of the Alamo-Doeden, Matt.  (Grade 3-6)
Davy Crockett : defender of the Alamo -Sanford, William R. (Grade 4-6)

James K. Polk, eleventh president of the United States- (Ages 10 and up)
James K. Polk : our eleventh president -Gaines, Ann (Ages 9 and up)

Lungs : your respiratory system- Simon, Seymour (Grades 3-6)

The respiratory system- Jakab, Cheryl (Grade 3-5)
The respiratory system -Frost, Helen (K-Grade 2)
The respiratory system-Stille, Darlene R. (Grade 2-4)

Have you found anything else to supplement with this week?  Please leave a comment!

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