Sunday, October 9, 2011

How to homeschool with a busy toddler.

I think this year has been more of a challenge for me than last year.  Last year Noah, my 18month old was not mobile.  This year he is all over the place.  I am finding it a huge challenge, to teach Hannah and Ethan their schoolwork and keep Noah safe and attended to.

Now that it's getting a little cooler out, I have been racing to the park right after breakfast.  I let little Noah run to his hearts content!  When we get home he seems a little less rambunctious and it seems to lessen my mommy guilty.

My next weapon is assigning one of the kids to play with Noah while I teach the other.  It's a good chance for them to bond with Noah or to stuff him in a container :)  Just kidding, he climbed in there himself.

I have switched my Math curriculum this month to Teaching Textbooks, Ethan can do math completely independently and the problems we've had with him daydreaming during Math have disappeared.  I highly recommend this program.

I have also switched from McGuffy's Eclectic readers to Headsprout Early Reading.  This has also been a huge stress reliever for me.

We review almost all of our CC materials in the car by listening to our cd or I have my kids do the tutorials on the computer. has a bunch of cool ideas's called Busy Bags, we've tried a few bags and they really keep Noah busy.
Noah is putting twist ties into this bottle, he did it about 20 times before he was ready to move on to something else.

Noah can't do this one yet but Hannah had a good time stringing the noodle pieces, Noah enjoyed taking them off.  
We do all of our reading before bed.  Noah goes to sleep around 7pm, so I read to the older two right after I get Noah down.  I try to read a few nonfiction that I choose followed by whatever fiction books they want me to read.  My kitchen isn't spotless, my floors aren't clean but I know this is only a season and this is what's working now.

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