Friday, October 21, 2011

Classical Conversations week 9 Q&A from HIstory Highlights Reading.

I am going to start asking my kids questions after doing the reading the History Highlights which are available on the CC Tutorial.
Here are the some of the questions that I will be asking.

Printable PDF.  Click Here. 
History Highlights Q&A

1.  After which war did the U.S. acquire the territory that included the states of New Mexico, Utah and California?

2.  Congress had to decided whether the territory won in the Mexican War in 1848 would be _______or have ____________.

3.  What is a fugitive slave?

4.  Was it legal for people living  in a free state to help rescue a slave from a southern state?

5.  The Dred Scott decision increased tension between the North and South and lead to what war?

6.  Succession is when the __________states left the Union and formed their own government.

7.  Which was the first state to sucede from the Union?

1. Mexican war
2. Free or have slavery
3.  A slave who ran away from his master
4.  No
5.  The Civil War
6.  Southern
7.  South Carolina

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