Friday, October 21, 2011

History Highligts Q&A Week 8

I am going to start using CC History Highlights, here are some of the questions I'll be asking my kids after we've read it.

Printable Version pdf.  

History Highlight Q&A
1.  Henry Clay was born in 1777 during the __________ ___________.
2.  Whose War was the War of 1812 referred to as?
3.  The treaty of Ghent ended which war?
4.  When Missouri applied for statehood how many slave and free states were there?
5.  What was the moral problem dividing our country?
6.  Who negotiated a compromise which kept the number of slave states equal to the number of free states?
7.  Which two states joined the Union in the Missouri Compromise?
8.  The Missouri Compromise banned slavery in what territory?

1.  American Revolution
2.  Mr. Clay's War
3.  The War of 1812
4.  Eleven Slave States and Eleven Free States
5.  Is Slavery evil?
6.  Henry Clay
7.  Missouri and Maine
8.  The Louisiana Purchase Territory

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