Friday, October 21, 2011

Why I homeschool all year round and on most Saturdays.

I am very driven when it comes to homeschooling my kids, but I can't say that "being driven" is the reason I home school in the summer and on Saturdays.

The main reason I homeschool in the summer is.........simply....... what else is there to do with children when they are awake for 12 hours a day?  Really, homeschooling last only about 2 hours with my children at their current age, maybe a little longer if you include reading books.  I simply can't think of ways to keep them busy the entire day, I don't want them sitting in front of the tv or computer all day.   "Idol hands are the devil's playground", so I like to keep them busy.

The 2nd reason I homeschool in the summer, is that I don't want my kids forgetting all the hard work we did all year.  What is the point of teaching and reteaching the same material.  It bores me and I'm guessing it will bore my kids too!

The 3rd reason is I want my kids to start college as soon as possible.  Many of the local community colleges offer free college courses to home-schooled kids starting the last two years of high school.  That's money that I don't have to spend on college.  Since I no longer have a job, I figure one way I can make a financial investment in their future education is by getting my kids ready now.

Now you may ask why I we do school on Saturday.  Well, there are 52 weeks in a year which means there are also 52 Saturdays in a year.  That's almost 2 months of wasted time.  Public school give their students homework over the weekend, so really why wouldn't we do some work on Saturday.  I usually only do the 3 R's on Saturday (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic).

My husband like to relax on Saturday mornings so I usually just start the mornings the same way we do a school regular day.  By the time we finish up school work he is ready to get going.

And my final reason is that when Mommy needs a break, I don't need to loose any sleep.  We are way ahead of schedule!

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  1. I'm surprised you give your children a break on Sundays. What a tyrant!