Saturday, October 8, 2011

Classical Conversations Week 8 Supplements

Magic School Bus Works Out-
Magic School Bus Gets Sick- 
School House Rock -Do the Circulation
Once upon a time...The Heart 
Your Heart- Reading Comprehension Worksheet with Questions
Immune System Reading Comprehension Worksheet with Questions
Circulation Game
Anatomy Arcade- some online games to review the circulatory system
Your Heart and Circulatory System- Kids Health
Human Body organ location coloring sheet

Geography Games-Online

Geography Game- I may try this when we complete all the states and capitals at CC
States and Capitals Bingo- I may try this when we complete all the states and capitals at CC
States and Capitals Board game-  I think I'll play this one at home with the kiddos!
Wakko's 50 States and Capitols Song and video-My son Ethan memorized this song last year, he is getting it mixed up so we will probably review it again over Christmas break.

The Missouri Compromise- simply explained youtube video

Math Times tables 14's online quiz
Printable Math Worksheet 14's- I had to select then copy and paste this into a different document then print it out

Reading List

A Gathering Of Days, Blos. RA:4-A; R:6-A 
Davy Crockett: His Own Story, Crockett

Jed Smith: Trailblazer of the West 
Davy Crockett, hero of the wild fronteier 
Wanted Dead or Alive The true story of Harriet Tubman
An Apple for Harriet Tubman  Gr 1-5
Harriet Tubman Rustad, Martha -simple text and  photographs introduce the life of Harriet Tubman

Escape North: The story of Harriet Tubman, Kulling Monica
Harriet Tubman: hero of the Underground Railroad
Library of the State – Missouri
The Circulatory System-Storad Grade 3-4
Blood The Circulatory System- Grade 2-4

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