Sunday, October 30, 2011

History Highlights Week 10 Q&A

History Highlights Week 10 Q & A
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1.  The Mexican war was fought between which 2 countries?   

2.  The territory of _______revolted against the Mexican government and declared its independence.

3.  What did Mexico say they would do if the U. S.  allowed Texas to join the U.S. as a state?

4.  Who was the president during the Mexican War?

5.  Why did James Gadsden want to purchase more land from Mexico?

6.  The idea of Manifest Destiny had first surfaced in a _________________.

7.  What does Manifest Destiny mean?

8.  During whose presidency was the Manifest Destiny accomplished?

9.  T or F  Polk tried many ways to help with the problems of slavery.

1.  The U.S. and Mexico
2.  Texas
3.  They would declare war on the U.S.
4.  James K. Polk
5.  He was a railroad promoter and wanted the land for that purpose.
6.  In a newspaper
7.  Americans had a God-given right to occupy the North American continent, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.  
8.  James K. Polk
9.  False

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