Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Classical Conversations Week 14

School House Rocks Mother Necessity (Video)
Andrew Carnegie Biography ( Video)- 46 minutes
Cornelius Vanderbilt Biography- Reading a few paragraphs
Gustavus Franklin Swift- Reading 2 paragraphs- basically he came up with refrigerated railroad cars
John D Rockefeller biography

The Periodic Table of Videos (thanks to Brandie at halfahundredacrewood@blogspot.com)
my kids are really enjoying watching these different videos on the elements

Mt. MiKinleyNational Geographic: Denali National Park- full version available on Netflix instant download
Mt St Helens: Back From the Dead- 52 minutes online or netflix instant download
U.S. Geography Online interactive games

Khan Academy Perimeter and Area Basics

Reading Supplements
Story of Inventions, McHugh. 
Thomas Edison Great American Inventor,Egan
George Washington Carver Innovative Life, MacLeod. 
First Flight, Jenner. 
Wright Brothers, Reynolds
The Story of the Wright Brothers & their Sister. 

For more great resources:


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