Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Classical Conversations Week 15 Supplements.


Teddy Roosevelt- The History Channel- An American Lion

Periodic Table Videos-My son Ethan told me he want to be a Chemist after watch a handful of these videos.
Atoms and the Periodic Table -Episode 1 of In Search of Giants: Dr Brian Cox takes us on a journey through the history of particle physics. In this episode we learn that the Greeks knew about atoms and how Mendeleyev's periodic table was among the first clues that the atom had a deeper structure. 
The Discovery of the Electron
The Discovery of the Atomic Nucleus
The Existence of Quarks

I am so sad that I just found this, better late than never
Awesome Review for Cycle 3 Science- (Weeks 1-12)  I'm so psyched!!  You've got to watch this!!
Latin Review Weeks 1-12 
Grammar Weeks 1-4 Review
Grammar Weeks 5-12

Supplemental Reading
Theodore Roosevelt, the adventurous president  DeMauro, Lisa.  Grades 3-5
Teddy Roosevelt : the people's president  Gayle, Sharon Shavers.  Ready-To-Read Level 3
The Father of the Atom: Democritus and the nature of Matter- Macfariane, Katherine
The Atom- Cregan, Elizabeth Grade 4-6
Fizz, bubble & flash! : element explorations & atom adventures for hands-on science fun!  Brandolini, Anita J., For ages 8+
President Theodore Roosevelt. R:K-1 
Theodore Roosevelt (American Lives)R:3-5 
 Theodore Roosevelt, Venezia. 
Theodore Roosevelt (Heroes of History). (RR)
Rough Riders, Roosevelt. (RR)
Theodore Roosevelt (Time for Kids Biographies).
Carry a Big Stick, Grant. 
 Boy in the Alamo, Cousins. 

For More Supplements go to  Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood


  1. I keep looking for the "like" button, then remembering it's a blog !
    My son is doing Roosevelt for presentation Fri. for C.C., so we'll be watching this link ! Thanx

  2. Thanks so much for always posting things. It has been a HUGE help for me! This is our first CC year and things started clicking when I found your blog with all of the great resources! =)

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