Friday, January 13, 2012

History Highlights Q&A Week 14

History Highlights Q&A Week 14 pdf.
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1.  What language is the word tycoon originally from?__________________
2.  The American tycoons were ___________    _______________  who got rich by creating monopolies.
3.  How did the tycoons affect the government? ___________________
4.  How did Vanderbilt make his fortune? _______________
5.  How did Rockefeller make his fortune? ____________________
6.  How did Carnegie make his fortune? _____________________
7.  How did Swift make his fortune? _____________
8.  These men used America’s resources to create wealth for both the ___________and _____________________
9.  This time period is know as the _____________ Age.

10.  Between which 2 wars did the Gilded Age occur?  __________________________________________________________
11.  During this time America shifted from a _____________________economy to a mercantile economy.  
12.  Which president started to tax these company which prevented the continuation of the wealth in these families.  _______________________

1.  Japanese word meaning “mighty lord”.
2.  big businessmen
3.  The tycoons bribed the government officials.
4.  Vanderbilt made his fortunes in railroads.
5.  Rockefeller made his fortune in the oil industry.
6.  Carnegie made his fortune in the steel industry.
7.  Swift made his fortune in the meat packing business.
8.  nation and themselves
9.   Gilded Age
10.  The Gilded Age occur ed between the Civil War and the beginning of World War I.
11.  Agricultural
12.  Woodrow Wilson

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