Thursday, January 5, 2012

History Highlights Q&A Week 13

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History Highlights Q&A

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1.  True or False  An amendment is a change in the constitution to make it more clear.
2.  Can a State take pass a law to take away the privileges of citizenship ?_________
3.  True or False  It was easy for African Americans in the South after this law was passed.
4.  What is the right of habeas corpus?  ____________________________________________________________________
5.  What does it mean if you have the right to bear arms?_______________________
6.  What was the main purpose of the Civil Rights Movement?________________________________________________
7.  Who helped enforce the new constitutional amendments?  

1.  True
2.  No
3.  False, it was very difficult for African Americans even after the laws were made.
4.  The right of habeas corpus refers to the freedom from being kept in prison too long without just cause
5.  The right to bear arms, means your allowed to own a gun.
6.  The main purpose of the Civil Rights Movement was to bring equality under the law to all Americans.
7.  Northern troops occupied the South to help enforce the new amendments.

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