Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Classical Conversations Week 16 Supplements.

School House Rocks- The Great American Melting Pot- video



English Grammar 

Latin Review 

Timeline Review First Part

Reading Supplements
 Immigrant Kids, Freedman
Journey to America, Levitin
Hitch, Ingold
Maureen the Detective (1903). Gr.3-7 

If Your Name Was Changed at Ellis Island, Levine. 
Ellis Island (Cornerstones of Freedom). 
Immigration (Researching American History). Gr.4-8 
Angel Island by Mortensen, Lori K- Gr2

Irish immigrants, 1840-1920 by O'Hara Megan
Ellis Island- Mortensen, Lori,  K-Grade 2
Small Beauties by Woodruff, Elvira Grade 2-5
Bridge to America : based on a true story- by Glaser, Linda- This looks really good and got good reviews, I think we are going to definitely read this book.

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