Thursday, February 2, 2012

Classical Conversations Week 17 Supplements

History Supplements
The Lusitania - reading
The Lusitania Video documentary
President Woodrow Wilson- video clip
Woodrow WIlson Timeline important dates
Woodrow Wilson Coloring Page

Circles: Radius, Diameter and Circumference- Khan has a beautiful way of explaining math

Science Thanks to Brandie at
Boron Video
Carbon Video
Nitrogen Video
Oxygen Video

Reading Supplement
War Stories, Dowswell. 
Hero Over Here, Kudlinski. RA:1-6; R:4-6 
A Father’s Promise, Hess. 
Raoul Wallenburg, Linnea. 
After the Dancing Days, Rostkowski. R2-6 
Sergeant York & the Great War, York & Skeyhill. 
When Christmas Comes Again (World War 1, 1917). Gr.4-9 


  1. The resources you post are so very helpful. Thank you for your work to bring it all together and for your generosity in sharing!

  2. Hi Ladies,
    First of all, blessings to each of your for all your hard work and for sharing your resources with us. We have been blessed by them. Also, do have plans to post anymore of your history highlight Q & A for weekly review? Thanks so much and Gods blessings to each of you,

    1. I am planning on continuing the History Highlights, I've had a really busy two I wasn't sure anyone was using them :)

  3. I understand...Yes, we have been using them. Great resource.
    Thanks for putting them together...