Sunday, February 5, 2012

History Highlights Q&A Week 17

History Highlights Q&A Week 17 pdf

Name  _______________________

1.  Who was President during World War I ?__________________________
2.  True or False  Woodrow Wilson was sneaky, dishonest and tried to trick people?

3.  When World War I broke out how did most Americans feel about it?  ___________________
4.  What was the first major event that happened and turned many Americans against Germany?  _______________
5.  Did President Wilson want to go to war immediately or did he try to make peace with Germany?  ___________________________________________
6. When Wilson was negotiating with Germany, what did he persuaded them to do ?   _________________________________________
7. When the Germans resumed their unrestricted submarine warfare against all merchant ships  including American ships, what did Wilson do?  _________________________________________________________
8.  Who were the German’s plotting  to get to go to war with the U.S. __________________________________
9.  What final event enraged the Americans into declaring war?_____________________________________________________
10.  Did Wilson make the decision to declare war on his own or ask Congress?______________________________________

1.  Woodrow Wilson
2.  False
3.  Americans wished to remain neutral and stay out of the war.
4.  German U-boats sinking the Lusitania
5.  He tried to negotiate with Germany rather than go to war.
6.  He persuaded them not to allow their submarines to attack neutral passenger ships.  
7.  Wilson immediately broke off diplomatic relations with Germany.
8.  Mexico
9.   The Germans sank 5 American ships.  
10.  He asked Congress.

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