Thursday, February 23, 2012

Speech Therapy 101 Session 3

Here is what was covered at speech this week.

They played a game that I think (possibly)   is in the book called "Focus on Fluency".  The game consists of different circles that have different kinds of  baby speech, creepy speech, squeaky speech, whispered speech, high speech, rough speech, smooth, fast, silly, low, mean, bumpy, roll the dice and whatever you land on that is the kind of speech you use.

The homework that we have this week
1.  Say "p" as fast as you can (more like PUH)
2.  Say "t" as fast as you can (more like tuh)
3.  Say "n" as fast as you can (more like nuh)
4.  Say "pt" as fast as you can( PUH-TUH)
5.  Say "tk" as fast as you can(TUH-KUH)
6.  Say buttercup as fast as you can
The therapist explained that each of these sounds are made in a different part of your mouth, the front, middle and back.  The word buttercup includes all three areas.

We are increasing the gum chewing to 2 minutes on each side.  She encouraged us to do the exercise then spit the gum out and brush teeth.  We are also going to continue the exercises from session 1.  

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