Wednesday, February 29, 2012

History Highlights Q&A Week 20

History Highlights Q&A Week 20

Name  _______________________

1.  What is the current number of associate justices?  

2.  Who gets to nominate the justices and who needs to consent?

3.  The ___________Court is the highest judicial body in the nation.  

4.  T or F  Segregation was a policy, and in some cases a law, which kept black and white people from associating with each other in our society.

5.  Laws based on __________ were passed to determine which schools children could attend.

6.  Which Amendment is violated by racial segregation?

7.  T or F It was a smooth easy change after the courts ruled that segregation was unconstitutional.  

1.  8
2.  The president chooses them and the congress consents.
3.  Supreme
4.  T
5.  Race
6.  14th
7.  False

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