Sunday, February 5, 2012

History Highlights Q&A Week 18

History Highlights Q&A Week 18 pdf

Name  _______________________

1. The three main causes of World War II were
A.  the problems left unresolved by __________ ____________
B.  the rise of various _____________________
C.  the desire of these 3 countries for more territory?______________________,______________._____________
2.  True or False  Most American wanted to go to war again.  ______________

3. __________________’s_attack on Pearl Harbor brought America into war on the side of the Allies.
4. What 3 countries did Japan plan to attack?  ___________,_______________and ___________________.  
5.  What mistake did Japan make when they bombed Pearl Harbor?    ___________________________________________
6. Name some of the countries which were Allies of the U.S. _________________________________________

1.  A.  World War I
B.  dictatorships
C.  Germany, Italy and Japan
2.  False
3. Japan’s
4. America, Thailand and the Phillippines
5.  They left our repair facilities largely undamaged and they didn't destroy the navy base completely which allowed the U.S. to regroup and go to war
6. Great Britain, Canada, India, China, France, the Soviet Union

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