Sunday, February 5, 2012

History Highlights Q&A Week 16

History Highlights Q&A Week 16 pdf

Name  _______________________

1.  What is an immigrant and how can you remember it? _______________________________________________________
2.  What is an emigrant and how can you remember it?  
3.  Which two areas did most of the immigrants come from?________________________ and _____________________
4.  What two main reasons did people start to immigrate to the U.S. ?___________________________________________________
5.  Why did the U.S. want the immigrants to come? __________________________________________________
6.  True or False.  During 1820 to 1930,  the largest movement of people in the history of the world occured.  
7.  How did the immigrants get to the U.S.?
8. Which harbor did most of the immigrants come through to enter the U.S. ?___________________________________
9.  Why did the first and second class ticket holders only get a cursory inspection aboard the ship and not go through Ellis Island?__________________________
10.  What was traveling like for 3rd class passengers?_______________________
11.  What does the term “melting pot” mean?_____________________________

1. A person who comes into a new country, into starts with the letter i
2.  A person who leaves a country, exit also starts with the letter e
3.  Europe and England
4.  Population expansion and improved methods of transportation
5.  Cheap sources of labor and profits
6.  True
7.  On ships
8.  New York
9.   The officials thought is a person could afford the price of the ticket they were not likely to be sick.  
10.  It was crowded, with unsanitary conditions in the bottom of the ship.
11.  The term “melting pot” refers to the different cultures becoming more like each other by coming to the U.S..

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